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Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?


If you thought George W. Bush should have stayed in hiding, DC Mic Check Cartoonist in Chief Mike Flugennock is on your side. Only the mainstream media, with some help from President Obama, could rehabilitate the image of this Scottish terrier-painting convicted war criminal.

So we know President Bush the man. And what President Clinton said is absolutely true: to know the man is to like the man, because he’s comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is. He doesn’t put on any pretenses. He takes his job seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a good man.

President Barack Obama at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, April 25, 2013

Y’know the worst thing about this wretched speech? He’s paraphrasing Bill Clinton, f’cripesake.

The dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library gave the American media a chance to engage in one of its favorite pastimes: rehabilitating the public images of thoroughly loathsome and reprehensible public figures.

They’d hardly had time to catch their breath after canonizing Margaret Thatcher before it was on to their toughest challenge ever–refurbishing George W. “The Decider” Bush.

Yeah, that’s right, it’s Shark Jumping Time.

Here’s a couple of classic op-ed stinkburgers from the Washington Post. Feel their sliminess wash over you.

Between this, the Thatcher veneration and Chelsea Clinton interviewing the GEICO Gecko, I’d say this pretty much indicates the death of the U.S. media.

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One Response to Was George W. Bush Really That Bad?

  1. michael gerson, a good Christian Man, says he’s principled. Gerson can write complete sentences (and as a good christian, my impression he helped author the various hate speeches involved in G W Bush campaigns). I wonder if principled means getting called to the principals office—then i’m principled too.
    i see chelsea clinton has managed to apply her ivy education—that is deep, conducting interviews. Einstein only could be an artists model.

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