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Obama’s Morehouse College Speech, Abridged Version


President Obama and Michelle Obama recently delivered commencement speeches at historically Black colleges. If you don’t have time to read the President’s whole speech at Morehouse College, Cartoonist in Chief Mike Flugennock conveniently boils it down to the essentials.

Whenever El Presidente and Lady Obama speak to Black audiences, they’re really speaking to white audiences. Their remarks to Black audiences are guaranteed to be packed to the gills with disrespect, condescension, offensive stereotypes, and shopworn bromides about “personal responsibility.”

El Presidente’s recent–and already infamous–commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, is a classic example of this. Not since his notorious Father’s Day speech on the campaign trail in 2008 has El Presidente emitted such a great, steaming load of Bite Me.

He rolled out the trendy Black “street” slang like “brother” and “on point” in what was basically a slicked-up Bill Cosby rant. The only thing missing was telling the Morehouse Men to pull up their pants.

Can you imagine El Presidente speaking to an audience of white college grads this way? Can you imagine him, say, at the University of Virginia, admonishing the freshly matriculated to get a haircut and stop piercing their noses and wearing those sloppy ripped jeans and playing those Green Day albums and smoking weed and partying ’til all hours? Not a chance.

What’s really sad about all this, though, is that for the most part, Black Americans totally eat this stuff up. It doesn’t seem to matter that The First Black President hasn’t done squat about the Black unemployment rate, the Black foreclosure rate, mass incarceration and racist police violence. Barack Obama tells Black America to eat shit, and Black America reaches for a fork.

Here’s what some other folks are saying about El Presidente and Lady Obama jerking Black America’s chain in their recent college commencement speeches:


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